Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today's Kid Imponderables

Longer post to follow, but I thought I'd share a few "whyizzits" to perk up your morning.

Why is it that the same child who, for weeks, refuses to sleep without a bedside lamp shining its 40-watt glory next to her face all night can, after just a few minutes of having Mom sit with her in the dark till she falls asleep, suddenly do a 180 and turn off the lamp on her own the next night without any coaxing?

Why is it that the child who calls for Mom at 4 AM because he's had a terrifying dream about a big, hairy tarantula coming down from the sky and crawling all over him and why did I have to write a school report on spiders and can you check the sheets to make sure nothing's there? - can then proceed to call for Mom four hours later to point out a period-sized spider in the bathroom sink, watch it in fascination and say, "Let's not kill it. Let's leave it alone"?

Why is it that the mouth that can observe of a theatrical character who turns from evil to good, "It's like she has a black heart and it changes to loving red, or maybe even white," can also be the same one that announces, "I have a cobra in my pants"?

Got any whyizzits of your own to share?

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