Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Greetings from Momsperiments!

That's "Momsperiments" as in "mashup of 'mom' and 'experiments.'" Okay, it's not the wittiest title in the world (lack of sleep and a lingering spring cold tends to sap one's creativity), but it sums up the theme of this blog - and of my life as a mom.

When it comes right down to it, a large part of parenting is experimentation. Granted, we don't confine our kids in Skinner boxes and subject them to grueling psychological tests (neither did Skinner, by the way: But we don't come into this job knowing everything about raising a child to happy, healthy, well-adjusted persondom - and if we think we do, our illusions are quickly shattered after the first bout of colic or the first time we hear, "You're the worst mommy in the whole wide universe!"

So we go by trial and error. When a feeding doesn't calm a baby's cries, we try a round of rocking or a stroller tour of the neighborhood. When a toddler refuses broccoli, we put a little cheese on top or substitute peas instead. And that's even before we get to potty training, discipline, homework management, chores, independence and all the other issues that baffle us and keep the child-rearing authors in business.

This blog will chronicle the lessons I've learned over the years as the lead researcher in daily-life studies involving my two school-age children. I'll report on others' parenting experiments both professional and personal (and encourage - nay, beg - you to share your own!). I'll share recommendations for items that may help you in your own parenting journeys. I may test out theories or suggestions and share my findings. All done with respect, love and a hefty dose of humor, with the ultimate goal of making our lives as mothers easier, less stressed and more fun.

Let the momsperimenting begin!