Monday, May 16, 2011

Update: Botoxing Mom Under Investigation

It seems that the law doesn't see eye-to-eye with Kerry Campbell, the mom who says it's safe to inject her 8-year-old daughter with Botox to give her an edge in beauty pageants. StyleList reports that young Britney was removed from her home while child welfare investigators question Campbell about her methods and credentials.

I've got to wonder: Didn't anyone in this child's life have any reservations about all this? Clearly, her mom chose to overlook the risks, but what about the "private source" that supplied her with the stuff - didn't he feel just the teensiest bit skeeved at being an accomplice? Did her pediatrician ever happen to see her shortly after a treatment? Did anyone at school notice Britney coming in with a swollen face or overhear her say something about the shots she was getting? Were any of Campbell's friends in on the secret - and if so, did they at least try to talk her out of it?

Let's hope that this will lead Campbell to do some serious reconsidering of her position that putting poison into her child's face is no big deal - and, perhaps, jolt some sense into other mothers who take the "by any means necessary" approach to winning a trophy and rhinestone crown.

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